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How to Pack for a Winter Trip to Canada

Lately the temps in Houston have been climbing into the 90s. And with humidity on top of that, the heat index has been sitting over 100°F. To say I am ready for cooler temperatures is an understatement. These dog days of summer have me dreaming back to Canadian winter. That’s how hot it is, I am seriously fantasizing about those -15°F mornings in Calgary. Oh, Texas.

A year ago Matt and I were purchasing our flights to Canada, and starting to plan out our trip. We knew that as Texans, we were not properly equipped with adequate winter wear. I had spent many years of my life in Germany, but after I moved to the US at age 16 I had no use for snow gear, so my parents got rid of it after a few years. We put together a list and slowly started to acquire our winter gear. Here’s what we packed for our holiday trip to Banff. Continue reading

Our Canada Video is Here!

Matt finally got tired of me bugging him and finished our Canada video! So let’s keep this simple. Here it is!

You’ll probably notice that my clumsiness is a common theme in these videos. We joked that the best way to portray our trip in an honest way would be a video compilation of all the times we slipped on ice patches or fell in the snow. Oh, Canada.

Happy wanderlusting, friends!

P.S. If you haven’t seen our Iceland video, you can watch it here.

26 Photos to Inspire Your Banff Wanderlust

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Last year, Canada was named the place to visit in 2017. And in celebration of their sesquicentennial, entry to Canada’s national parks will be free all year! The result? Visitors are flocking to this beautiful country in unprecedented numbers.

We planned our visit before all of this went down, and were able to ring in the New Year and “golden age” of Canadian tourism in Banff National Park last week. It’s easy to see why people are falling in love with Banff, and with Canada in general. See it through our eyes here, with 25 photos to inspire your Banff wanderlust. Continue reading

When Travel Plans Go Wrong

I’m pretty free spirited. But when it comes to my travels, I’m a type A planner.

I monitor airfare prices for months before I buy to make sure I get the lowest fare possible. I budget. I plan each day’s activities on an Excel spreadsheet, along with details of our accommodations, and places to eat. All of which requires extensive research. I probably spent more time planning our honeymoon to Iceland than planning for our actual wedding. #priorities right?

But what happens when life throws you unexpected circumstances that force you to change and abandon your plans?

I was faced with quite a few of those circumstances during our trip to Canada recently. It felt like one thing after another was going wrong and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Continue reading

Time for a giveaway!

Hey friends! I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers and YouTubers for a great giveaway!

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You’ll receive 3 points for each entry. By entering this contest you’re subscribing to the host’s email list. The winner will be announced by 5/18 on this page.

Best of luck and happy wanderlusting, friends!

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