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Why Did We Honeymoon in Iceland?

Before, during, and after our Icelandic honeymoon, I was asked this question over and over. This along with questions like

You’re already planning a wedding, why would you want to plan an entire trip on top of that? Why don’t you just do what everyone else does and just go to an all-inclusive resort? Hiking on your honeymoon? Are you crazy? You’re supposed to be relaxing on your honeymoon! Iceland? Isn’t it cold there? Why don’t you go lay out at the beach instead?

And I would always have to go into my typical spiel where I would justify our choice. It got old really fast.

So why did we honeymoon in Iceland? Continue reading

5 Tips for Eating Cheap in Iceland

Even before we actually made it to Iceland it was obviously true to us that it’s cheap to get to Iceland, but not so cheap to be in Iceland. Accommodations were pretty pricey, so we opted to Airbnb. Souvenirs could get pretty expensive, but those are avoidable and not always necessary. But eating? That’s a must. We soon discovered that this sustenance thing we’re supposed to do three times a day had the possibility to push us over our budget in Iceland. So here’s what we did to make sure that didn’t happen. Continue reading

30 Photos to Inspire Your Icelandic Wanderlust

When Matt and I decided to book a honeymoon trip to Iceland we heard got a lot of responses from our family and friends that were along the lines of “Why?” and “What is there to even see there?”

Recently, Iceland has become a very popular travel destination for millennials, and it’s actually really easy to see why! So, sit back and let the photos do the talking. Here are 25 of them to inspire your Icelandic wanderlust. Continue reading

The 3 “Meh” Things I Experienced in Iceland


I won’t say I outright hated, or even disliked these parts of my trip to Iceland. But I have to be honest with y’all, and let share the 3 things that were “meh” about Iceland. They fell short of our expectations/slightly disappointed us/annoyed us, but were they bad? No! They were just “meh.” Technical term there. So here we go, in no particular order. Continue reading

Review: My Experience with WOW Air

When we started planning our honeymoon we were throwing around a few very different ideas. Strapping our mountain bikes to the back of the 4Runner and roadtripping out to Colorado and Utah. Taking advantage of the always cheap airfare to Mexico and going to Cancun/Tulum/Playa del Carmen, checking out the beach and some Mayan Ruins. Exploring Iceland’s national parks, waterfalls, canyons, and beaches.

We thought that Iceland was out of the question for a while. A $900 plane ticket, average hotel prices of $130+, rental car costs, gas, food, etc. It just wasn’t feasible with our budget.

Until we discovered WOW Air.


How could you say no to a pink plane like that?

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